Can I change (or differentiate) machine name (DOM) for views global operational fields?

In Views when I use a conditional, math or PHP field they are assigned a set machine name with an appended number. I can’t find any way to adjust/change that machine-assigned name. Views assigns them the machine names [conditional], [expression] and [php] respectively.

This causes problems in pages with attached views and/or views in blocks when using JQuery to collect field data using the DOM class. When there are multiple views on a page they can therefore have the same DOM handle (e.g., [expression_5]) even though they’re distinctly different fields in different views/attached views.

For instance the field views-field-views-conditional-2 can be the field name in two different views blocks (or attachments) in the same page but be completely different fields. I need to tell them apart in JQuery.

Can anyone suggest a way to differentiate the same field handle from different views on the same page?

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