Can't Make Views Slideshow Responsive Without Screen Refresh

I have read a lot of things online about configuring Views Slideshows to be responsive with regard to width & height using CSS, making JQuery adjustments in the view and using javascript. My apologies in advance if this is a simple fix that I am missing but I have tried numerous things I found online and I am not getting the slideshow to be responsive (re-sizing width & height) without having to manually refresh the browser. When down-sizing the screen, the slideshow reduces leaves a lot of blank space…which seemingly is the height of the full-sized slideshow. If I refresh the browser after down-sizing the screen, the slideshow reloads sized just fine. If I then expand the screen back to full-size, the slideshow stays at the reduced size. Refreshing the browser, again, fixes this. I am hoping someone can provide me a way to do this. Is javascript required to make this work properly or can this be done with CSS alone?

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