Ceros Embed

The Ceros Embed Module allows Ceros to be embedded on nodes.

Field Type

The module provides a Ceros Embed field type that allows embed snippets to be added to nodes.

The field display can be configured to:

  • Replace the node content on the same display
  • Hide the page title

Filter Format

A Ceros Embed filter format is provided and can be configured at admin/config/content/formats/ceros_embed

Default allowed tags:

  • div: style, id
  • iframe: allowfullscreen, src, style, frameborder, class, scrolling


Add/edit a node and add the Ceros Embed code to the field
See https://www.ceros.com/educate/knowledge_base/embedding-ceros-on-a-website/ for more information

Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_distribution/feed/all