Change Drupal Slack allowed/installed apps


I’m contacting in hopes of reaching out admins of Drupal Slack to do some changes in the allowed/installed Apps.

Currently Drupal Slack is on a free plan and has reached the limit of 10 app integration.
However, some of the really useful apps have been left out, while others less important are taking up space.

Consider the following apps to add:
– Incoming webhooks:
– Outgoing webhooks:

These allow any external application to communicate and exchange data with Slack.
To mention a few of the possibilities, you can have for example / integrate with Slack, doing full full synchronization. /, which integrates with IRC and does full sync with it, can allow IRC flows to work in sync between the 3 platforms.

Consider the following apps to remove to give room for the webhooks:
– Google Hangouts: — the service is dying and suffers from compatibility and synchronization issues across devices. Google wants to make it enterprise only. The API is being scrapped again.
– PlusPlus++: — Druplicon does the same with karma.
– To-do bot: — redundant with issues.
– GitHub: — can be implemented on side without limits.

Let me know what you think / can do.