Change new documentation pages system to use node-number URLs, and NOT 'friendly URLs'

If you don’t then…

I have to post this on all the new d.o pages:

The permanent URL for this page is: Do not link to any of the new Documentation pages using the URL in the address-bar. That URL will change every time someone decides to change that page’s ‘title’. If you want to link to one of the new documentation pages, login to, click the “Edit” button for the page you want to link to, and remove the “/edit” portion of the URL that you then see in your browser’s address-bar.

AKA “Sheeeeet”. Oh, man. Too bad the new doc pages use ‘friendly URLs’, instead of the old ‘node #(s)’. That means that every time I change a page title, the Universe will implode. I suppose you Admins are under the mistaken impression that ‘friendly URLs’ have a positive bearing on anything. They don’t. Just ask Google. Oh, maybe you think people will remember the ‘text’ more easily than the number. I don’t know. Maybe you can. See if you can remember this tomorrow morning at ‘coffee’…

I prefer to tell someone, “895232”, or “”, as for example in a D-Con presentation, or other training tutorial.