CKEditor textarea auto-expand available in Drupal 8?

Right now I’m using a D6 site and the CKEditor configuration is handled by the Wysiwyg module. I’m beginning to work on the migration to D8 and working through the (big!) differences. One of these – annoying to me – is that I can’t find how to switch on the auto-expansion of CKEditor textareas. In the Wysiwyg module, this is just an option that you switch on or off, and I think it is referring to the CKEditor autogrow option.
This is a CKEditor plugin – is it possible to add such a plugin to Drupal 8, or should I make this a feature request for the D8 editor?
I know that it is possible to switch over to full-page editing, but this is not always what we want to do.

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