Cloned View CSS Problem

Hi All,

I’ve inherited a website that is built on Drupal 7 using what appears to be a modified version of Zen Gravity Starter. Unfortunately, the original developer who created this site is no longer available, so I need help working through this issue. (Quick side note, I’m very comfortable with WP, but I am new to Drupal).

I have cloned view which lists products based on the product type field. The settings on the page are the same, and the only difference I’ve made is changing the path-url as well as the information that displays in a text area. For some reason, the CSS is not being respected on this cloned page. Any ideas of what I might be overlooking? I had hoped that cloning a view would take all of 30 seconds, but this has turned into quite a battle.

Thanks for any help or insight you could provide.

Drupal version: