CMS solutions are barely discussed in web development anymore

I’m not sure how to frame this question without getting a lot of pushback but as I try to study technology solutions for my small business project, I realize there is little discussion about CMSs in developer circles anymore. I know trends change but there’s something surprising to me about it. If and when I try to research content management systems, WordPress obviously pops up as the most popular product. Other than that it’s Django (technically a framework) and Drupal.

I find this frustrating for a few reasons.

I’m not necessarily a great developer so I’m looking for a technology and product that has a strong user base so that I can easily find developers when I need to. WordPress’s community is strong. Drupal’s… not as much. Django? Also not so much. This is crazy to me.

When I discuss front/back-end technologies with my peers, unfortunately it’s all javascript and web applications designed with very different objectives than what a CMS offers (Meteor, Angular, etc). Most programmers I know are not trying to resolve or improve the world of content management systems. That paradigm seems increasingly unpopular. Does that sound weird? I don’t know if that sounds weird.

I think CMSs are out of fashion and that is strange to me because they’re so important.

OR… people are just building their own content management systems instead? By people I mean companies. Does anyone agree or disagree with any of this?


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