cms_content_sync 8.x-1.16

Release notes


  • Added support for field collection translations.
  • Added fix for nested field collections.
  • Added content title filter to health dashboard – entity status view.
  • Added fix to skip reexport of imported entities if the update behavior is set to UPDATE_FORCE_AND_FORBID_EDITING or UPDATE_UNLESS_OVERRIDDEN.
  • Added Drush commands to check for entity flags for Drush 8+9.
  • Added functionality to show version mismatches on the flow overview page.
  • Added deletion for related status entities on pool deletion.
  • Added check to prevent bulk deletion if imported entities cannot be deleted.
  • Extended views sync state field to mark locally overridden entities.
  • Improved entity status views integration.
  • Improved views integration to filter for locally overridden entities.
  • Improved Taxonomy handler to ensure that the parent entity exists.
  • Improve logging.
  • Fixed notice for nested referenced entities.
  • Fixed an issue with disabled Flows or Pools still being referenced
  • Fixed exception by saving status entities after setting their timestamps.
  • Issue #3035787 by chipway: All dependencies must be prefixed
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Last updated: 11 Mar 2019 at 10:48 UTC
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Version 1.16 – New features and bug fixes.
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