coder 8.x-2.9

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Changes since 8.2.8:

  • #2764451 by dawehner, Mile23: Remove some obsolete function aliases in Drupal.Semantics.FunctionAlias.FunctionAlias. Remove Ming and PHP < 5.0 replacements.
  • #2781973: [] is not a valid return type, enabled fixer for @return data types
  • Removed obsolete fixer enabled checks
  • #2782103 by pfrenssen: Detect usage of illegal characters in type declarations.
  • #2783285 by pfrenssen: Mark files that should not be packaged.
  • Added a custom sniff for method visibility to work on traits and have a fixer
  • #2781933: Added a class variable documentation sniff and detect trailing semi colons in @var data types
  • Consolidated type hint checking
  • Improved @param data type sniff to detect spaces
  • Added an error when @return data type contains spaces
  • Added fixer for variable names in @return comments
  • #2761019: Fixed false positives in Drupal.Array.Array.CommaLastItem on heredoc strings
  • #2690325 part 1: re-enable object operator indentation sniff
  • #2690325: part 2: fixed sniff to check for indentation of chained method calls, added fixer
  • #2690325: Fixed false positives with special object operator indentation constructs
  • #2790657: Support multiple type declarations in @var docs on object properties
  • #2790529: Detect and auto-fix appended variable names in @var property type docs
  • Fixed test fails with PHPCS 2.7 release and require that as minimum version
  • Added the generic byte order mark sniff from PHPCS
  • Added PHP mbstring extension as requirement
  • fix(VariableAnalysisSniff): Detect unused variables that are initialized by reference
  • fix(VariableAnalysisSniff): Detect unused global variables
  • fix(GlobalDrupalSniff): Add ConfigFormBase to the list of classes where dependency injection should be used
  • fix(tests): PHP parse errors in good.php test
  • fix(VariableCommentSniff): Allow {@inheritdoc} in object property doc blocks
  • fix(FunctionCommentSniff): Allow PHP 7 primitive type hints in functions and methods (issue #2795149 by klausi, chriscohen)
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