Combination of multiple exposed filters


I’m trying to make an multiple exposed filter (3 filters) combination in a view.
The available elements in the filter dropdowns must depend on the selection of the other filters.
The filters comes form 1 field of a field collection (support-item) and two fields of a content type (product).
The field collection is part of the content type product.

So the first filter must select a support-item type (field from the field collection).
The second filter must select the product type (field from the content type product)
The third filter must select the right product to get the selected support items from.
So the available filter-items must depend on th selection of the previous filter.

At the end the available support-item that are shown for the selected support-type, product-type and product.

I was trying to solve this problem with different exposed filters in the view but without any good solution.

If you got an idee on this matter, please let me know.


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