Combine nodes posted in the same week with views


I would like to do something and I think that it should be possible. I just don’t know how.

Each week I post a blog and a vlog that are about the same subject. On the pages of the blogs I would like to make a view that shows the vlog that belongs to that blog. And on the pages of the vlogs I would like a view that shows the blogs that belong to that vlog.

So that means that I should somehow say in views that it should search for the vlog that was posted in the same week as the blog.

Or maybe I could make an extra field in which I make sure that the blog and vlog of that week have the exact same text, so that views could search for the same text in a blog and vlog.

But I didn’t manage to do this. Can anybody help me out how to do this?

Thanks in advance,

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