Composer errors after 8.6 update

I updates core, vendor, and the php files manually. But when I run

php composer update

I get:

  Failed to execute git clone –no-checkout ‘/home5/kacbtnor/.composer/cache/vcs/https—git.drup’ ‘/home5/kacbtnor/public_html/vendor/drupal/coder’ –dissociate –ref
  erence ‘/home5/kacbtnor/.composer/cache/vcs/https—’ && cd ‘/
  home5/kacbtnor/public_html/vendor/drupal/coder’ && git remote set-url origin ‘https://git.drupa’ && git remote add composer ‘

  Cloning into ‘/home5/kacbtnor/public_html/vendor/drupal/coder’…
  fatal: unable to create thread: Resource temporarily unavailable
  fatal: cannot repack to clean up

How do I fix this?

Drupal version: