config_pages 8.x-2.2

Release notes

The new release contains fixes for some fatal errors and adds compatibility with Drupal 8.5 core.

Issue #2948712 by Grimreaper: Fix missing config schema
Issue #2957404 by shalimanov, shumer: Drupal 8.5 compatibility
Issue #2953677 by Ice-D: Can’t edit config pages since an update
Issue #2953594 by AndrewsizZ: Better permission handler
Issue #2946357 by artaphis: Fatal error when Language context is enabled
Issue #2939502 by yo30, shumer: Coding standards errors
Issue #2917401 by Matroskeen, shumer: Broken menu links
Issue #2939502 by yo30: Coding standards errors
Issue #2827915 by shumer: help creating custom context plugin
Issue #2903826 by shumer: Views don’t respect language context for config pages
Issue #2929857 by Matroskeen, Jigar.addweb: Typo in config name
Issue #2930944 by shumer: Fatal error when using the tools menu
Issue #2883841 by shumer: Make it exportable
Issue #2929672 by shumer: Refcator ConfigPages entity class to use DI instead of static calls to Drupal services

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