Configuration directory error

I have version 8.3.4 installed and I am trying to update some modules.

When I get a system report or run the database update script I get the following error message:

Configuration directory: sync
The directory sites/default/files/config_QY4nIc4LMKUCYPUCo2Ka0p1gJSMs77w3b1ANX_Lco2F2OGjjuXC4pLnp3ws6D3QEef3UeXBMYw/sync does not exist.

However, the directory does exist. To confirm, I’ve tried to create a new directory under sites/default/files using the the “config_*” directory provided in the error message. My file manager returns an error saying the directory already exists.

I changed all the directory and file settings below sites/default/files to 0777, including .htaccess, so there shouldn’t be a permissions problem.

My settings.php points to the correct configuration folder as follows:

$config_directories[‘sync’] = ‘sites/default/files/config_QY4nIc4LMKUCYPUCo2Ka0p1gJSMs77w3b1ANX_Lco2F2OGjjuXC4pLnp3ws6D3QEef3UeXBMYw/sync’;

Any ideas as to how to rectify this error would be appreciated.

Drupal version: