Configuring Database

Hi all,

I am setting up a Drupal application, and I am a little unsure of Drupals configurations.

Most of the data that I need to display on the site resides in an Oracle database (cannot be changed). I did some research and I know that core Drupal uses MySQL. I read that, at the moment, Drupal does not support Oracle – is this referring to using Oracle as the core database, or am I able to use Oracle as my second database (adding a second db in settings.php)?.

I want to confirm that this (adding Oracle as a secondary database to store data) is possible/viable solution.

I know there is a module for Oracle, but I do not want to rely on this tool. If I can set up a new database connection in settings.php and use it to content on my Drupal application, then this is preferred. Are there any security issues with this approach?

I cannot change the database because it is used by other applications.

Thank you!
– John

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