Connecting to Terminus & Invalid Machine Tokens

Jul 9, 14:28 PDT
Resolved – This incident has been resolved.

Jul 8, 17:47 PDT
Monitoring – We have temporarily extended support for TLS 1.0 with Terminus.

Access to Terminus should now be restored to all users, however we still recommend updating openssl as per

If you had issues with machine tokens, please retry using them, and revoke and regenerate where necessary.

Jul 8, 14:16 PDT
Investigating – *Issues connecting to Terminus*

We discontinued support for TLS 1.0 platform-wide on July 6th. Please see

We are extending TLS 1.0 support for Terminus for a limited time, in order that users have extra time to upgrade versions of openssl to a compatible and secure version wherever it is used – local machines and automated build servers (e.g. CircleCI etc).

​*Invalid Machine Tokens*

Due to a recent issue with our authentication provider, some users are experiencing problems using Machine Tokens to authenticate with Terminus. If you notice that your machine tokens are no longer listed on your user dashboard, you likely have this problem. In the first instance, please log out of the dashboard and log back in again. The next step is to try to regenerate your token.

Our engineering team are working on a solution, and updates will be posted on


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