Construction Document management

Hello all.

I have recently recommended Drupal to the owner of the company where I work. We do a fairly specific thing, and our current back end platform is not serving us very well. Given the fact that drupal tends to be ridiculously versatile, I am wondering if what we need already exists in some form.

We do construction documents. Blueprints, specs etc. Searching for those in Drupal world doesn’t produce the same results it would elsewhere. In fact, I feel the need to clarify what it is we do.

There will be a construction JOb year 4-5 Digit ID i.e 2017-88512
We split up the specs and blueprints into individual files such as “000 Table of COntents”, and “S001 Struct Site and Foundation.”

We then upload them into categories such as SpecsGeneral or BlueprintsStructural.

On the customers side they can go to the site, see jobs for their profession, and then navigate to the specs and or blueprints they want. They are then viewed, downloaded etc.

So when I search for “Drupal Construction Document Management”, I’m definitely not looking for an under construction theme, or a site blueprint.

First off, is this up Drupals lane so to speak, or do I need to start throwing php at the wall?
Second, is there already a module/modules that gets this done in some form?

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