Content Import module

I have a custom content type and want to import data of this type. Imports will happen periodically as new users join and their initial content is added. I tried using Content Import module. It seems straight-forward. It generated the csv template. I filled in a few values and tried importing. It always returns: “The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.”

About my site: Drupal 8, using Solr and Search API, and Permissions by Field module. The content type has title plus four fields: 

  • entity reference
  • text (plain, long)
  • Permissions by field (two fields, both referring to taxonomy)

I have tried using a variety of different values in the CSV file. There has been only a single indication of partial success. I initially entered a taxonomy value in the wrong format, and that resulted in a new vocabulary being created. There have been no other indications that any data were imported. 

Clicking the Content Import page’s “check logs” link results in a blank page. I changed the mariadb conf file as suggested to: max_allowed_packet = 256M; there was no change in behavior. The dateTime issue seems to have been fixed already in the version of the module I downloaded (8.x-4.1).

What can I do to troubleshoot?

Drupal version: