Content Type not displaying images from image field bug

In a Drupal 8.2 project one of my content types won’t display images on the display of a node.

The image uploads, displays in the edit modeand is definitely available on the server but won’t show on the “Display” of the published node (not even a rendered broken image link on the node, absolutely no html of that field is rendered on the node).

I have narrowed the issue down to one specific content type as nodes from other content types are able to display images perfectly. It doesn’t matter if I delete the field and add a new one, the image still won’t render.

What did work was deleting the content type, re-adding the fields all from scratch…however this isn’t as option as I have many views setup that delete themselves if I delete the content type in question.

Other things I’ve tried:

– Testing on different servers (same issue happens on local, staging
and production servers)
– Tried changing the field to public or private file type
– Removed all custom modules
– Cleared all caches
– Disabled my custom theme and used a core theme
– Node “Manage form display” is definitely set to display the image field.

None of the above makes any difference 🙁

Any help greatly appreciated.


Drupal version: