Contenta CMS

This distribution is hosted and managed in GitHub. Visit for more information.

Contenta is a content API and CMS based on Drupal 8. It provides a standard, jsonapi-based platform for building decoupled applications and websites.

Quick Install

  • Install composer
  • Make sure you have the sqlite extension for PHP (if you’re using the default install on a mac, this should already be there)
    sudo apt-get install php-sqlite3
php -r "readfile('');" >
chmod a+x
  • In your console will be a one-time login link to access your site.

Check the full installation instructions below for the commands to restart the web server and regenerate the login link. You will need to install Drush.

Installation for Building Your Own Site

composer create-project contentacms/contenta-jsonapi-project <DESTINATION> --stability dev --no-interaction
  • Install the site with either of these databases:
    • SQLite ../bin/drush si contenta_jsonapi --db-url=sqlite://sites/default/files/.ht.sqlite -y or
    • MySQL ../bin/drush si contenta_jsonapi --db-url=mysql://root:[email protected]:3306/dbname -y
    • PostgreSQL ../bin/drush si contenta_jsonapi --db-url=pgsql://root:[email protected]:5432/dbname -y
  • Start the web server with ../bin/drush runserver. This defaults to, you can change this by appending a new host and port, e.g. ../bin/drush runserver
  • Generate a one-time login link ../bin/drush user-login --uri=""


Once your site is running locally, you might want to use Curl to examine the pre-installed content:

curl --header 'Accept: application/vnd.api+json'

The result will be a list of recipes. Note that:


When you actually build a front-end you will likely have CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)

In order to allow browsers to request the contenta back-end you need to:

  • Copy sites/default/ to sites/default/services.yml
  • Allow your app to access it, by replacing the end of this configuration file.
    enabled: true
      - '*'
      - '*'
       # Note: you need to specify the host + port where your app will run.
      - localhost:8000
    exposedHeaders: false
    maxAge: false
    supportsCredentials: false
  • Run drush: cd &lt;DESTINATION&gt;/web &amp;&amp; ../bin/drush cr


Join the discussion in the #contenta Slack channel.

For documention on the development on contenta_jsonapi itself, see docs/development.

Code of conduct

Development Installation

  • If you want a setup which allows you to contribute back to Contenta, follow the installation instructions above
  • Replace the /web/profiles/contrib/contenta_jsonapi directory with a checkout of this repo
rm -rf web/profiles/contrib/contenta_jsonapi
git clone [email protected]:contentacms/contenta_jsonapi.git web/profiles/contrib/contenta_jsonapi



Nightwatch provides automated browser testing and can be found in the tests/nightwatch directory. To install and run locally, you will need Yarn and Chrome.

yarn install
yarn run nightwatch


There are a bunch of example consumers, see for a list of them.


This work is based upon a couple of contrib modules.

On top of that the thunder distrbution was used as sort of a base for this installation profile.

Contenta CMS is built by humans.