Context multilingual links are broken


I have a website translated in 5 languages. I’ve noticed for some time that the internal links (the oned with /node/1111 or fr/node/2222 are not workign properly.

I found the issue at least in two places:
1) in the /admin/content list it is either when I try to edit (thus in the last column) the link is broken . To give you an example.
I have the page with node id 1111 in English (default languages) and its translation is page with node id 2222 in French. If I type in the browser it works, and if I type it works as well.

However in the when I however over the page title in the list, I see /fr/node/2222, but if I hover over the edit link for the same page I see /node/2222 thus with “fr” missing. And if I click on the Edit link for this page it takes me to another page to edit, because it is pointing to a non existing node: where the “fr” part is missing.

2) When going to the translation tab of a page, I see the same thing as above, the translation link contains the right node reference, but not the language in the link.
I have also found it while clicking on the Title of the page in the Translation page, thus not only Edit.

It is very annoying, because I need to type it manually, otherwise it does not work, or first go to the view page (if that link is correct) and from there do Edit.

I have it as well for other types of nodes such as own content types.

I hope that I’m not the first one to have these issues. I think this is more a bug than a missing feature.

Many thanks
Any ideas are welcomed

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