Contributor Spotlight: Josh Taylor

Say hi. (who are you and what do you do in the Commerce ecosystem)

Hello! I’m Josh Taylor, a PHP Developer living in Melbourne, Australia who focuses on Drupal 7/8 and Symfony2 projects. I’ve been involved with helping Commerce 2.x in my spare time (not as much lately due to time constraints) to help make it the go-to eCommerce platform for users.

How did you get involved with contributing to Drupal Commerce?

benjy (Ben Dougherty) mentioned that Drupal Commerce was in the planning phase. I got really excited and checked it out, and started to contribute back small fixes with the help of bojanz (Bojan Zivanovic). Then I just kept going – I hope to contribute more back in 2016 when I have more time, especially as clients start to move onto Drupal 8.


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