Convert views field content to url howto?

Hi All!

I made a views, where I listed manufacturers images and , names. When I click this image or name, loading the manufacturer page, with production categories.

The url is a node title. Eg. /productions/manufacturer/category/production.

This page is hungarian language, with hungarian characters. So the url: /termekek/Viastein térburkolat/Viastein térkő/Vieto mistro térkő

I want to convert the node title to url format, so I can make a full url: /termekek/viastein-terburkolat/viastein-terko/vieto-mistro-terko. I can’t found solution this problem.

I try in the views->field settings->Rewrite result->Create custom reference, and then space replace dash, character convert lowercase, but the chars stay hungarian chars.
I installed pathauto module, after trying with rules, when I save content, a custom field has a path alias, but the rules I can’t select custom fields…

Thank you all support!

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