Create a personal Wiki

Hi everyone

I would like to create a own “Wiki” for one special subject.

I thought at the first time to create this Wiki with Drupal. But now, I am not sure if Drupal is the best option or not.

I have seen that there are several Wiki modules for Drupal, but I am not sure if they are working correctly.

I have seen too, that exists the official MediaWiki. And with that I would not have to use Drupal, maybe yes or maybe not.

The future idea is to take automatically new data from another table; and feed the new of Drupal. And the users will be the new “words” to complete the meaning in the wiki.

Which is the best option? Use Drupal only? Use Drupal with MediaWiki module? Use only MediaWiki?

Could I Use drupal 8, 7?

Thank you people!!