Creating an RSS feed from Content?

Hi! I am planning to use tools like Facebook Instant Articles and Google Advanced Mobile Pages, etc. These tools take RSS feeds and display your content so it’s easy to read with their software.

I have a Drupal 7 site with a bunch of articles I’d like to add to an RSS feed. My challenge is getting this to format the way I need it to so that these programs can read it.

This is what I’ve done so far:

  • Create a view with an RSS structure.
  • Set fields to include all values I’ll need to pass.
  • Begin to set up RSS to include these fields in Row Style Options.

So far, this is great. I need to add other fields, however, so I would like more control. I believe the Feeds module (installed) has something similar to this, but it appears this module is only for importing from feeds, not exporting to feeds.

I’m starting with Facebook Instant Articles. Their RSS guidelines, found here, clearly outline what’s needed (though I’m not quite sure it’s complete, as it doesn’t mention a featured image or anything). I need to structure my RSS feed so that it matches this format in order to import properly. Therefore, I need to control my output so that it fits with this.

So far, Drupal by default exports fields like “<title>”, “<link>”, and “<description>”. Facebook wants them to be named “<title>”, “<link>”, and “<content:encoded>”. I’ll need to change that name somehow, and I think once that’s done, I’m good to go!

Any suggestions on how to continue this approach? Does it sound like I’m doing the right thing so far?


Drupal version: