ctools 7.x-1.11

Release notes

This is mainly a bugfix and minor features release for ctools 7.x.

Changes since ctools 1.10

  • #1265272 by dimduj, DamienMcKenna, rivimey, johnnydarkko: Page manager task_handlers plugin should provide “302 temporary Redirect” in addition to the 301 Permanent Redicrect
  • #636052 by rivimey, mike.roman: Documenting that Drupal menu system overrides Panels menu setting
  • #2679747 by Omar Alahmed: Add RTL support for modal css.
  • #1956528 by pdcarto, sgurlt, lukio, jessepinho, texas-bronius: Disabled page variant is exported as “disabled = FALSE”
  • #2645612 by japerry, Upchuk, Sam152, benoit.borrel: Missing Classes after update to 7.x-1.10 (was: Attributes array doesn’t populate classes)
  • #2087105 by rbayliss: user_edit_form relationship does not work on pages other than user/*/edit
  • #1910608 by mkhamash, mpotter, beeradb, gmercer, hefox, redndahead, vordude, eyilmaz, lucas.constantino: Ajax + Allow settings: Allowed settings lost on ajax (exposed forms/pager)
  • #2208433 by DamienMcKenna, fubhy, Andrew_Mallis: Query string context and relationship
  • #2275355 by artemln: Auto submit to submit a non-existent form
  • #1700378 by logickal, DamienMcKenna, dimduj: Number of Page Variants
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