Custom page creation durring registration flow


How I can achieve the following using Drupal 8.4.0:
1) The user will fill the registration form, which will include some basic info.
2) Once the user verifies his account, a USER PROFILE PAGE(this has to be a content type) will be created for him and he will be able to edit this page.
3) The user will not be able to create pages, he will be able to just edit this single page which has been created after the registration,
3) Every change he makes to this page, has to be reviewed from the admin before displayed to the live site.

Currently I have done the following:
1) I have placed all the fields at the registration form.
2) I have created the content type for the USER PROFILE PAGE.
3) Then I create manually a user profile page for each user who registers my site.
4) I copy the info from the registration form to this page & I make this user author of this page.

What I have to avoid is all this manual work.
Thanks in advance for your help

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