Custom template file for modules

Hello there, 

I have been trying all day to get some custom templates to load for pages and forms that I am creating programatically via custom modules. 

In several cases, I have a few forms which I am declaring as such in the hook_menu() implementation and drupal_get_form

When dpming out the $variables[‘theme_suggestions’] variable, one of the listed ones is page__form_name. I attempted to name my page page–form-name.tpl.php but the system didn’t find it (even after clearing cache). 

I then went and did a hook_preprocess_page() (inside my template.php) to create a new theme_suggestion, and gave it ‘custom_template_file’ as a value. When making the template custom-template-file.tpl.php and clearing cache, it still does not use this template.

I then implemented my own mymodule_theme() and mymodule_preprocess_page()

function game_license_theme() {
	return array(
		'game_license_list_view' => array(
			'template' => 'game--license-list-view',
			'path' => drupal_get_path('module','game_license') . '/theme'	

function game_license_preprocess_game_license_list_view(&$ariables) {
	$variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'game_license_list_view';


I put these directly inside my game_license.module file

I then created MY_MODULE/theme/game–license-list-view.tpl.php but the system is STILL not finding the template.

This is just one form of many that I would like to be able to explicitly change the template for without affecting other forms or pages. 

There are also a couple of pages I have that are programatically generated that I am doing similar with, and cannot get to declare their own template files.

Could I please get some help?

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