Customize recent content block views

Hi, I’m sorry for my english. I’ll try to explain myself as better as I could.

I’m try to personalize the recent content block view on drupal 8. By default, this module looks like that.

Usuer picture.



Coments count

Only local images are allowed.

I want they looks like this one.

User picture> Title


                   Coments count

Only local images are allowed.

I have already make a template for this but I don’t now the variables to access de value of fields and I try everything without any result. This is the code a try

<div{{ attributes.addClass(classes) }}>

  <div class=”title-wrapper”> 

    {{ title_prefix }}

    {% if label %}

     <h2{{ title_attributes }}>{{ label }}</h2>

    {% endif %}

    {{ title_suffix }}


  {% block content %}

    {% if not (content is empty) %}

      Hello word

      {% for fields in content %}

      {# <div{{ content_attributes.addClass(‘block-wrapper’) }}> #}

      <div class=”block-wrapper”>


          <img src=”{{ file_url(content.user_picture.entity.fileuri) }}” alt=””>


        <div class=”autor-column”) }}>

          hello word

          <p>{{ content.fields.value }}</p>

          <p>{{ content.fields.created.value }}</p>

          <p>{{ content.fields.coments }}</p>



    {% endfor %} 

    {% endif %} 

 {% endblock %}


Please any idea.

Drupal version: