D7 Commerce & Simplenews integration

I have a site where an anonymous visitor can book free tickets to shows. Part of this is to subscribe the visitor to several newsletters after booking a ticket. There are 3 newsletters categories to be subscribed to: two are static and one is dynamic.

I have already created a rule for the adding of a visitor to the 2 static newsletters but need help with creating the automatic subscription to the dynamic one.

By using tokens a show node is created with the show date set as the node title. From there i have created a rule which then creates a newsletter category with the same name as the node title (date).

From here i need the visitor to be subscribed to that newsletter with each booking. (task #1)

Then, i need a second rule invoked that a standard email be sent out to all subscribers of that particular show 72 hours before that date of the show (task #2)

Timescale and price please!


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