D8 Acquia on external drive Mac


I have 2 questions about Acquia D8 on Mac (on an external drive)

1. in Sites/… I have 2 folders:
– default
– sitename.dd

Both folders have the same content, which makes my db 2X bigger (all photos duplicated). Can I erase one of them? Or is there a way not to duplicate the content?

2. When trying to update from 8.1.8 to 8.1.9, I got a message about the sync file.

“Your sites/sitename.dd/settings.php file must define the $config_directories variable as an array containing the names of directories in which configuration files can be found. It must contain a sync key.”

I tried to put in settings.php something like : ” $config_directories[‘sync’] = ‘config_hash’; ” But Drupal told me that such file did not exist.

The hash came from a file name containing 2 folders (“staging” and “active”). I’m missing something, but I cannot see what.

Thanks for helping.


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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed