D8 Composer-related Disussion

this concerns installing and updating drupal.

there are many drupal-users out there who can’t access their webspace via console or run composer on it. although composer is absolutely great if all things work, it’s fast, stable and great. but if you can’t run it on your webserver (because of restrictions, for example memory-settings), you’re stuck.

you have to setup a local development environment (lamp + composer) and copy your whole website via ftp to your webserver, which may be a 300 mb upload. then you have to fix errors in the online-version that didn’t occur at your local dev-site. and if you think “i made it, yeah”, drupal puts another security update and you have to run this loop again. this may be ok for one website, but i am managing and building drupal websites for many clients, so every single drupal-security-update binds me to a update-marathon for many days.

this is not a complaint, but a question if there are ideas how to improve this install/update loop.

edit: if you say “well, switch to professional hosting with cli…”
it’s a hard job to convince the client to let you edit his website. and you have to speak angel-language to convince the client to relaunch his website with drupal. but convincing the client to switch from a 5-20 € / month hosting to “professional” with his own server (which has to be administered) for 50 € / month or more is something that you can suggest AFTER you proved that “your way” is the right one after many months and he sees progress for his website through more customers.

i can think of a drupal-config.org website, where you select the drupal-version, upload or link a theme and the config-machine runs on that server to produce the ready-to-use filebase for drupal. you could provide ftp-login for the directory on your webserver where this should run at and it could be transferred for you.

and i can think of updates-as-a-service where the composer on that drupal-config.org website runs for my website and downloads all necessary stuff to my online website.

i really like the composer-way of installing/updating drupal but remember that there are many users out there who can’t use it. please provide alternatives or new ideas. i love to evangelize every customer that i meet to “go drupal”. please find ways to make as easy as possible.


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