D8: issue with editing translated content


I’ve installed D8 (8.1.1) and am working on a multilingual (ENNL) site with domain suffix language selection. When I make a content page and add translation, this works fine for displaying (as anonymous user). When changing the language (by icons) the page changes too.
However, in Admin mode I can not go back to editing the added language page. When (while displaying the NL page) clicking on the Edit tab, D8 shows me the EN page to edit. The same happens when I choose TranslateEdit option in a content overview screen.
This behaviour occurs on any content: basic pages, articles, etc..

Afaics, there is no way of going back and editing the added language, which ofcourse is a real pain while building the site..

Has anyone here noticed the same behaviour or have I done something wrong somewhere? Is there a setting I should adjust?

Many thanks for any help!

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