D8, Lightning, Composer and a White Screen


I am a drupal 8 noob. It has been a long time since I have been here (since version 5/6 days). I am completely new to composer and have run into an issue I am sure is an easy one to get over, but for some reason.. I haven’t had luck.

Let me say up front that installing the lightning distribution presents no issues if I go the Tarball route. 100% success.

Ok, Composer. I have run the commands for composer to build lightning, and it does. I creates a project directory that contains a docroot directory. It is missing crucial other directories inside of it and leads me to believe that somehow I am missing a step in the process.

So far I have run:
1. composer create-project acquia/lightning-project MY_PROJECT
(no errors)
2. composer install
(no errors)

But the result is a docroot directory that is missing:
a few standard txt docs

Which results in the blank presentation.

EDIT: This is currently being run on MAMP locally.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. So far google has been less that helpful


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