D8 multisite directions that work, please

I have researched & tried what’s been suggested, and nothing works. I had D7 multisited for years just fine. D8 is eluding me.

I’m at Bluehost. I have a primary site up & running D8 just fine; it’s at public_html level. The 2nd site is a Parked domain; this is how it works with D7.

I’ve created a subfolder sites/2ndsite.net. In it is example.settings.php.

In sites, is an unmodied copy of example.sites.php renamed sites.php.

This is my site right now, and all i get when I go to 2ndsite.net is a page that shows my nameservers at pointing to Bluehost properly.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • making a subdomain of 2ndsite.net (which is how D7 worked).
  • getting rid of the subdomain
  • modifying sites.php
  • not modifying sites.php

Nothing works. I don’t have shell access; I don’t use drush; I have used Drupal fine for years with just cpanel & Transmit.

If anyone has a real solution, I’d be extremely grateful.

If anyone says “example.sites.php has directions” I will curse your soul to ending torment.

Now excuse, I’m doing to go stick my head in the door & slam it hard.

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/1/feed