Database Problem with Moving Drupal Installation

New to drupal, so please bear with me. My client has given me their “Sites All” themes and libraries folder as well as their site-specific “themes”, “files”, “settings.php,” a list of their modules, and a database sql dump. My job is to take this and get it up and running on a different server. The problem: When I load their sql data into a new database to use for drupal, I’m not able to view the drupal dashboard-like thing. When I use a clean database to start installation with drupal, I am able to view the dashboard properly, but loading their data gives me sql errors. (E.g. Duplicate entry ‘samplenamehere’ for key ‘PRIMARY’) My guess as to a solution is to modify the sql so that I’m only creating entries or tables if they exist? …I’m a bit new to databases and sql/mysql as well. Alternatively, since the migration tutorials I’ve read have always said to transfer the drupal folder, should I ask my client to give me this? I’m wondering if that would make things easier and/or solve this database problem (right now I’m working off a fresh installation).   

Drupal version: