Database won't update after core update from drupal 7.58 to 7.59

Hi there

After core update from Drupal 7.58 to 7.59, when I try to run update.php, I consistently get it winding things up saying there are no updates after clicking “Next” while on the Overview page.

That means the status remains at v.7.58 & claiming v7.59 is available. I have tried to overwrite the core files with contents of extracted drupal-7.59.tar.gz & to no avail. Module updates, which I tried after the initial failure of core update worked with no problem.

I have seen a few people who seem to have had the problem, but there is no solution I could see.

The last update to Drupal 7.58 run with no issue at the time it appeared.

How can this solved and what could be behind it?

Thank you

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