Deploy changes to User Guide modules etc.


I’ve recently made a few changes to the AsciiDoc Display module, as well as the build scripts for the User Guide, to handle languages better and take care of a few other issues. We’ve also added new languages to the User Guide — in-progress translations to Spanish, Ukranian, and Simplified Chinese. And there have been some content updates as well, for both the User Guide and the companion Contributor Guide, which would be good to get onto

We may also need to configure the Spanish, Ukranian, and Simplified Chinese languages on if they are not already present.

I’ve tested the scripts, software updates, and content updates on my own local site, and am reasonably confident that they will work well on as well. That said… I think it would be good to test them on staging before deploying to the live site. I’m open to the idea of testing them on a dev site as well.

Related issues for the scripts and software (I’m not going to list the content update issues):
#2828248: Remove non-breaking space from titles
#2828661: CA and HU inter-topic links are not working
#2828524: Build scripts need to be language-aware
#2832031: Wrong link in guide source information block for User Guide

Proposed resolution

Deploy new software and content on staging, then to

Remaining tasks

These steps should all be done on Staging first and tested, then deployed to

a) Update to the latest development version of asciidoc_display module.

a.2) Apply patch for #2832031: Wrong link in guide source information block for User Guide and update to latest drupalorg module too.

b) Update the Git repository for the User Guide project.

c) Build output with script.

d) Ensure that Spanish (es), Ukranian (uk), and Simplified Chinese (zh-hans) languages are enabled on

e) Import (or update) the feeds for both the User Guide itself and its companion Contributor Guidelines books.

f) Test the above on Staging.

g) Deploy to when verified to work.

User interface changes

(see related issues for details)

Better line breaking on User Guide page headings and menu navigation.

Working links between sections in foreign language versions of the User Guide.

Built-in words like “chapter” and “section” translated into appropriate languages in the User Guide.

Fixed link to create issues in user guide project in “Source information” blocks.