Deploy module for Drupal<->Drupal clone

Hi. We are setting up two Drupal servers behind a load balancer with only one being active at once. When one of the servers goes down, the second will take over and become the active server until it goes down and vice-versa. So, server1 & server2 will run Drupal 8.3.7. How do we sync content and configuration between the two servers, taking into consideration that the master-slave relationship might change? Users will edit content on the master (“live”) server and changes should automatically be sync’ed to the slave. Once the master goes down for some reason, the slave will take over and become the master (the load balancer will automatically forward requests to whichever server is the master). The slave will then become the master and update the old master (which is now the slave).

Can the “deploy” module handle this scenario? If so, does it sync only content? What about users, roles, modules, etc.?

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