Deploying user accounts between two sites with deploy module

Actually i already posted this question on drupal discussions part of stackoverflow so i will just copy and paste it in here:

Currently I am configuring two virtual machines in preparation for one project.

I’m supposed to utilize deploy module in order to sync project between two machines. So far i figured out how to deploy nodes and files, now my challenge is to synchronize user accounts and taxonomies. Is it possible with deploy module?

Overall this kind of syncing and its capabilities (with deploy module) is, IMO, pretty weakly described over internet. With googling so far I found only instructions how to achieve my needs with scripts and operating on database (sqldump) which in this particular case is the last option I would want to use, because my aim is to sync as much data utilizing deploy module.

All this is with Drupal 8 on DrupalVM. Personally it is my first serious experience with virtual machines overall and totally first experience with Drupal.

If deploy module does’t have such options then what else would you suggest?

Drupal version: