Design top level landing page for the new documentation system


Currently the landing page for the new documentation system does not exist. It simply redirects to While the old /documentation page is in the ‘in progress’ state, linking to some of the new documentation guides, as well as, some of the old book pages. Once the migration is done (or very close to done), we need to create a new landing page to reflect the new documentation system (per-version split, new IA, maintainers, etc.), and the new D8 user guide.

With the new system, we have 4 top level landing pages for different types of documentation:

Those will need to be redesigned as well. Right now they use default ‘documentation guide’ layout, where they simply list all of their child content. As we add more and more content, this won’t be practical.


  • Do we actually need an ‘umbrella’ landing page on top of the 4 listed above? If yes, what is its goal and audience?
  • As an alternative, we could make sure each of those 4 pages is well-designed, and default /docs to docs/8 with an easy way to switch to the other 2.

Work in progress

We did have a few early mockups, which I’ll find and add. Those were based on the assumption that we do not need a separate top level page. That instead we default to displaying D8 content first (basically docs/8) and provide an easy way to switch to D7 or Developer docs.

Implementation details


  • Answer the questions above
  • Create a wireframe of page layout/content
  • Design the page
  • Implement the new landing page at /docs
  • Delete /documentation and redirect to /docs