df 8.x-1.0-beta10

Release notes

Demo Framework 8.x-1.0-beta10 contains the following updates:

Drupal code and module updates

  • Updated the Field Group module to 7.x-1.5.
  • Updated the Lite module to 8.x-1.4.
  • Updated the Lightning profile to 8.x-1.13.
  • Updated Content Browser to 8.1.0-alpha2.

Fixed issues and improvements

  • Added a composer.lock file.
  • Defined DB user and java version as required by new travis trusty builds.
  • Patched core to fix missing migrate classes when an opcache is used.
  • Allow <div class> in the Rich Text format to enable Foundation integrations.
  • Patched Outside In to fix bug related to early event binding.
  • Switch import_dfs_tec_article and curator_article_node plugin handling for processing the Tags row
  • Make sure tabs have transparent backgrounds in df_tools_tabs.
  • Only enable magellan on block titles in df_tools_blocks.
  • Added Block Content to the list of whitelisted Entity Blocks.
  • Remove experimental config_tools patch
  • Used the Rich HTML filter format by default.
  • Fix regression in df_tools_blocks_migration_plugins_alter().
  • Add scroll offset to the magellan block if the topbar is visible.
  • Added a magic Magellan block that dynamically renders based on sibling H1 and H2 tags.
  • Remove references to proprietary assets.
  • Added Migration classes and traits for scenario usage in df_tools_migration
  • Added default styling for df_tools_tabs.
  • Added the df_tools_tabs module.
  • Updated composer.json with new migrate sub-project dependencies (#45)
  • Fix incorrect reference to import_block_media migration
  • Fixed multiple auto-open issues with Content Browser.
  • Removed image.style.hero_image config dependency from core.entity_view_display.media.image.hero.
  • Remove image.style.thumbnail as a config dependency of core.entity_view_display.media.image.teaser.
  • Fix bug where multiple slideshows on the same page would have the same settings.
  • Added the ability to use a view mode as the pager in EntityReferenceSlideshowFormatter.
  • Added the Hero and Teaser Media display modes.
  • update to hider scheduler in favor of scheduled_updates
  • Added Panelizer Quick Edit as a dependency of df_tools_panelizer.
  • Removed patch from Panelizer now that it is included in Lightning.
  • Turn off autoplay for slideshow.
  • Patched Outside In to not change default page background if not previously set.
  • Updated the Lite library.
  • Revert “Accommodated changes in LITE HEAD.”
  • Fixed our Quick Edit Image browse button to support Lightning Media.
  • disable scheduler view since we now have scheduled updates. overwrite in df_tools_article since it is the only type that uses scheduler
  • add patch for outside styling in adminimal toolbar
  • Removed debug statements from MediaImage.php.
  • Added an example migration for Media Image entities.
  • Moved lite button setup to config rewrite.
  • Manually save file data in the “user_picture_file” migrate source plugin.
  • Corrected invalid behaviors namespace in dfs_base.js.
  • Patched Outside In to properly scope its motion selectors.
  • Merge pull request #44 from acquia/8.x-dfs-base-updates
  • patch core to fix quickedit when a block references a block
  • fix js errors with df_tools_slideshow by change logic to not call init function more than once
  • Fix JS warning for dfs_fin behavior settings.
  • Removed non-icon fonts and cleaned up code style a bit.
  • Updated the DFS Base theme with code to match our private theme.
  • Relied on the Lightning version of landing pages. (#38)
  • Accommodated changes in LITE HEAD.
  • Moved the Page content type into a new df_tools_page module and introduced a new df_core module to wrap lightning_core.
  • Use our new moderation modules (#42)
  • Lightning media (#36)
  • Add “Bayside Consulting” site name for config rewrite in dfs_tec
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