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I am very new to module development, I have a “hosted” drupal 8 site that I am allowed to give them modules to install and they verified that the proper php components were installed for sqlsvr (sql server communication). I have an external SQL Server that I would like to display data within a module. I am including the database connection in the module because they will not let me change the settings.php for the site.

How do I display the data from the database on a page/block/whatever in the site and is this code even correct?

Files so far:


 * @file
 * Drupal site-specific configuration file.

 $databases['db']['default'] = array (
  'database' => 'DATABASENAME',
  'username' => 'SQLSERVERUSERNAME',
  'password' => 'SQLSERVERPWD',
  'host' => 'ServerNameIP',
  'port' => '1433',
  'driver' => 'sqlsvr',
  'prefix' => '',
   Database::addConnectionInfo('db', 'default',$databases);

   //Connection to the database
   $con = DrupalCoreDatabaseDatabase::getConnection('default','db');
   //Execute Queries Here
   $query = $con->select('Staff', 't')
         ->fields('t', ['Session']);
   $query->condition('Session', "%" . $query->escapeLike("17") . "%", 'LIKE');
     $result = $query->execute()->fetchAll();

   db_set_active(); //without the parameter means set back to the default for the site
   drupal_set_message(tan('The queries have been made.'));
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