Display the result of multiple choices in Views ?


I have an “Event” type content, with a list of multiple choices (check boxes, not obligatory) for access to the event : on booking, free entry, no charge, with charge. An event can have the combination of one, several or none of these options (on booking + charge, on booking + no charge, free entry, …)

My field is named “field_event_access”. My selection list is made in the form “Key | Label”.

I made a view of these events with title, image, description, etc. I would also like to display these options inline in a <p>, in this form (separated with a dash or other) : “Free Entry – No charge” or “On booking – With charge” or “On booking – No charge”, etc. How do I do this without PHP or add-on.

In addition, events with the option “On booking” checked, would have a particular display with a <div> content in addition, allowing the reservation via an online form.

Thank you !

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