Displaying Latest Articles (or other content types) Programatically

Hi Drupal Forum,

I have been struggling with this for a while and I’m wondering if you could give me any advice? I’m trying to display a list of latest articles (or other content types I choose) on the home page. I’d rather do it programatically, since I will need to add my own HTML, CSS, and a collection of if statements and other logic to make it display correctly. I’m instructed to make it show a certain way.

What I’d like to do is display on the home page the five latest nodes from the criteria I choose (maybe content type, or taxonomy, or whatever). From that, I would like to be able to grab the data using variables (which I can probably find using Devel), so I can display the image, or whatever else I need, based on the content type.

How would I do this? I can use views to create a list, as far as I know, but I’ll need more control over the styles, and will also need to grab other variables from the results and then format it with my own HTML, PHP, and logic.


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