Displaying my database fileds on a page


I am trying to find a way to pick which items from my database table I display on my page.

I assume I can get my record as follows

  $results = db_query("SELECT * FROM {mymodule} WHERE id = :id", 
      array(':id' => 5));
  $records = $results->fetchObject();

How do I now access and display my fields, so for example if I wanted name field and age field, how would I now get access to those to display in an array such as

'this_does_not_matter_too_much' => array(
      '#markup' => t('Your name is @name and your age is @age', array('@name' => 'Joe', '@age' => '16')),
    '#prefix' => '<p>',
    '#suffix' => '</p>',


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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/4/feed