Downloading Video Files

I am the administrator of a Drupal 7 site that I inherited and I’m trying to download a copy of an .mp4 video that’s located on the site.

I can see the name of the file on the Edit page and there are tabs that allow me to View the file within a web browser, Edit the file including the choices of Replacing it on the site.  There is a Usage tab that shows me where the file is being used on the site.  And even a Delete tab that I’m assuming would remove the file from the site.

But, what I need to do is simply copy the file to my desktop so that I can use it in another project and I don’t see any obvious way to do that.

I can’t right click on it for choices (I’m a Mac user running High Sierra).

I can’t click and drag it from the browser and I can’t see an option to simply download the file.

Thank you for any advice on how to do this simple thing.