drd 7.x-2.6

Release notes

Issue #2491177 by Cyberschorsch: Generating a IV should respect the aes crypt implementation
Issue #2780417 by dahousecat: Domain modules page incorectly returns not found
Issue #2779363 by dahousecat: 401 error when action domain “DRD: remotely install/uninstall” used with authenication
Issue #2777091 by dahousecat: Deleting a core from it’s view tab causes loads of errors
Issue #2655962: Upgrade path from D7 to D8, rebuild menu and enhance validity period for tokens to 30 minutes
Issue #2655962: Upgrade path from D7 to D8, make the token unique by adding a timestamp
Issue #2655962: Upgrade path from D7 to D8
Issue #2592967 by jurgenhaas: Can’t add new Drupal core – aes_config() undefined
Issue #2592967: Can’t add new Drupal core – aes_config() undefined
Issue #2370845 by SteffenR: Heartbeat not working correctly due JS error
Issue #2438045 by jurgenhaas: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘messages’ of undefined
Issue #2471204 by zvs: Warning: htmlspecialchars() [function.htmlspecialchars]: Invalid multibyte sequence in argument in check_plain()
#2324063 Implement part 2 of http authentication
#2382909 Avoid some warnings about missing indexes
#2369569 Output domain blocks only on the respective domain detail tab
#2332877 Implement SSH2 auth method through agent if ssh2_auth_agent() is available
#2332877 Cleanup core adding via drush
#2332877 Implement fallback to install DRD remotely over SSH if available
#2332877 Adding and updating new cores via drush aliases completed
#2332877 Implementing drush commands to add, update and remove cores from the DRD dashboard (work in progress)
#2311355 Avoid warnings for modules with incomplete versioning info
#2324063 Support HTTP headers for cores and domains, db table and editing for authorization completed
#2322147 Fix the DRD message if a server based drush command was xecuted
#2322827 Better implementation of Drush command as actions
#2322147 Bug fix with action submits with field keys containing spaces
#2322479 Action drd.server.domains does not provide SSL information
#2322451 Module list shows to many items when filter is active

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