Dropal 8 – LDAP Role assigment question

I sucessfully managed to configure the ldap server and users in my directory could login to drupal as expected. Also changes on the ldap are transfered to Drupal as expected.

Now I would also like to assign the group of my user to the drupal role and created the following group:

# Entry 1: cn=eltern,ou=group,dc=xxx,dc=de
dn: cn=eltern,ou=group,dc=xxx,dc=de
cn: eltern
objectclass: groupOfUniqueNames
objectclass: top
ou: eltern
uniquemember: uid=eltern01,ou=People,dc=xxx,dc=de

following what I found from the documentation I also added an Authorization profile:

Provider LDAP Authorization

Consumer Drupal Roles

Only apply the following LDAP to Drupal Roles configuration to users authenticated via LDAP – checked

When should Drupal Roles be granted/revoked from a user?

When a user logs on via LDAP Authorization. – checked

What actions would you like performed when Drupal Roles are granted/revoked from a user?

Revoke Drupal Roles grants previously granted by LDAP Authorization in this profile. – checked

Create Drupal Roles targets if they do not exist. – checked

LDAP query:


User still could log in – but not role is associated to my users…

Could someone please help how to debug this or how to get this worikng?

Thanx in advance,

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed